Review: Super Junior – M’s 2nd Album “Breakdown”

Review: Super Junior – M’s 2nd Album “Breakdown”

Super Junior – M 2nd Album “Breakdown” was officially released on 7th January 2013 by SM Entertainment. They official released the Teaser of the Title Track MV on the New Year Concert in China. So it’s been a week since the Album was released and here I am giving you an all out review of the album. I am dividing this into two parts first is reviewing songs individually and then over all review as an album will come along with the review & rating.

The 2nd SJ-M Album “Breakdown” has comeback after a two long years break. They have given us 10 beautifully made tracks, in which 8 are songs and two are the instrumentals of Breakdown and Good Bye My Love.


1 Breakdown

So Breakdown, is the title track of the album and we have our 8 sexy and charming singers here.. giving all out for their comeback and they really-really did “Breakdown” their listeners hearts.. After two years and wait… it was worth it.. Just listening to the song once you get hooked to it keep sing along…

My catchy lyrics of the song is:

“Wu zhuang de xin zang wei ni Break Down
sheng xia chi luo de gao bai, mei fang bei de ai
Fen bu gu sheng yao yong gan, dang kai liu yan de zi dan
So baby let’s go go go go go”

It makes you sing as if you know the lyrics by-heart..

Nice song very good mix catchy and attractive that is very essential part for a  title track and it is justified. Now moving to the MV part.

There are many things I want to say. FIRST I EXPECTED MORE DANCE!! I didn’t see any.. I expected the standard of the “Super Junior”.. but this MV totally damped my expectations with all the hypes SM Entertainment created. I felt the dance was very silly when you gave so much importance for Henry and Zhou mi on their songs; few more could have been put on the dance as well to show off yourselves as Super Junior – M and not just anybody.

Still in that MV, the  dance I liked the was only during that 14 second dance sequence. The moment I saw the sequence I thought this part should be Eunhyuk’s choreography.. for I felt so very obvious and the sequence was well detailed, and a very fancy movement that can point only Eunhyuk.

And in MV the dance part that caught me the most is:

Umm… other points about this is I see lots of Henry and Zhoumi, that made me really happy. I am able to hear lot of Henry Lau’s and Zhou Mi’s voice apart from Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s voice… sorry.. for many may feel rude but I didn’t see much of Siwon and Sungmin nor I was able to hear much of their voice..

Siwon kept singing:

“Shang le ye bu hou hui gan kai”

Sungmin was given just two lines:

“Ni ye xu jue de tai feng kuang (Yeah you can call me crazy)
Qi shi wo ye zhe yang xiang (dan wu fa ting zhi ai ni)”

But at least Sungmin had screen presence, Siwon was totally out it was very obvious that the group of 7 and Siwon alone.. since he was really busy with his Dramas it is fine.

Now for costumes and makeups… All the makes ups and costumes were already seen and worn by the them in other live shows or other MV’s. Make up for Siwon and his gestures was similar to Adam Lambert. How can they copy to the length of copying even contacts?? And isn’t Eunhyuk’s costume almost the same as in “Maxstep” and what Shindong wore in MBC Gayo just the design?? Donghae haristyle is similar to Bu Po Shang/Fuwa Sho in Extravagant Challenge/Skip Beat, even the attitude was almost same like how it was in “Prisoner – MV”.

Though it was the most awaited and hyped comeback why were simple things like this ignored?? It wasn’t like this for Sexy, Free and Single or Spy the 6th repackage release. If it’s just because they are sub-unit then please make the group to main link it up.. after all every one IS from Super Junior.

2 Go

Now the second song GO. About this song there is like I listen more of Let it Go! Go!! Go!! Catchy still too many GOs they should have avoided it[?] But it sounds nice and fully electronic… One thing that I noticed is that if I listen only to music it’s very similar to Breakdown’s music… and rap part was weird and didn’t go well with song.. And I remembered Perfection.. If I were to choose between ‘Perfection’ and ‘Go’ it will be GO that I will chose to listen..

3 Good Bye My Love

A well composed ballad track and beautiful lyrics. A calm music which is really nice to hear after Breakdown and Go. But did you ever feel like this after hearing to Ryeowook singing

“Wo hui xiaozhe zhidao ni beiying xiaoshi zai wo shijie de jintou”

I thought Yesung should have joined as well or it will be really beautiful if it was by KRY. A nice song and I was able hear Sungmin and Eunhyuk together, KRY or not.. they sound really beautiful and touching leaving a lingering feeling.

Yet again I remembered Someday of SFS 

and Part 2 OST of “Lee Minho’s – Faith” song called “걸음이 느려서” [Walking Slowly] sung by 4MEN Shin Yong Jae, because the tracks very similar to each other that its hard to ignore it.

But a question is it a some kind of tradition for Super Junior to add a Good Bye song in every album?? That is really depressing that to when this is just their 2nd Album Release.

4 A-Oh!

Its nothing special a regular compulsory fast track in SJ albums. It really failed to get the catch point. Not catchy after listening to the previous tracks sounds very similar. On second hearing I felt “when is this going to end??”  And it is already seen in Super Junior’s previous albums. This song failed to get listeners attention because Go! has already done that job.. So mostly it will be in the last of SJMs Breakdown playlist.. it is so for me at least.

5 It’s You

A very chhheeeeesy song and a bubble gum song done written by Zhoumi.. This song when I listened to it I thought its like bubbly and cute song but after the trans I was blushing thinking its soooo “ageyo“… and I am in love with it. I remembered the WGM Teuk-Sora where they compose a ‘lunch time’ song… remember??

Doesnt it sound cute?? I felt the same cutiness in this song as well and I will really fancy if SJM choreograph it’s for a performance.. What will they wear pinks or with just no difficult steps and a lovely MV like SUPER JUNIOR’s – NO OTHER?

Either way it will be really cute if they did something like this..

6 Distant Embrace

A soft and s ballad that you say that it soothes your heart and beautiful composition. As for the music I would say I have a feeling of ‘ahh.. this.. umm… I’ve heard it somewhere’, but nicely done. For the first time I will praise SM for giving a full opportunity to Zhoumi to perform in this song. For having his full solo I will give him my praise.. I really loved his voice that let me recognize feel ahh.. this voice ‘Zhoumi-ah’

7 Tunnel

A R&B song from SJM is very new to me and they are really good to hear.. A new venture for SJM is what I think. I really want them to keep trying new like this and they stand out from the rest of the tracks of ballads and pop. A very different from their regular tracks of SJ. I hope they expand their variety in performance.

8 Stand Up!

The beginning of the song is something like in a periodic drama.. The initial tune reminded me of ‘Lee Minho’s – Faith’ Drama that ended in October 2012. It only after 25 seconds that SJ-M’s song starts that is what I feel. The feel of the song was really good and nice going. The first time I heard on 7th January with out the lyrics or anything I heard it as a pep talk song saying ‘Stand Up! Stand Up!’ After hearing this song even my mom has started song to wake up in the morning… keke.. jokes apart but as the turn started change I think it was like ‘Why the hell are we playing some periodic theme?? O.O Let’s change it now!!’ kind of feel. But they kept doing it again and again that I felt it was kind of boring because every time the song picks its pace they come back to either ‘Stand Up! or to the periodic theme… But since this song is for a movie I guess it movie that call for this kind of theme.

It is not as catchy as the “Breakdown” and it attracts you only after hearing it a couple of times.. but so far so good… If they are planning for additional MV for this then may be… only may be.. if they do it really better than the “Breakdown MV” I am sure this song will top the charts..

So now time for the final review of the album. I enjoyed listening to it.. I rock my head, tap my feet, and they make me follow their songs, and make me sing along as well. Super Junior M has now come out with a really good and a set of very own original tracks that makes listeners feel good. I wish SJM continues to perform so well and good so that it can raise to international platform as well.

In these many years I can say that Henry and Zhoumi have improved in many things from presenting themselves in MV, cameras for the interviews, and how attractive they look. The first time I feel in love with Henry performing in SUPER JUNIOR’S 2nd album “DON DON’T”. Though its only for few seconds Henry performing with violin almost not showing his face and dancing while playing… was like… eh who is this boy too good.. dancing with violin.. hehehe… SEXY and HOT!!! is all that came to my mind.. He was young then unlike now but that fancy movement along with violin made him look very mature and its just that if there hadn’t been that violin sequence, this song wouldnt have sounded so damn good.. its true that Henry was just a flavouring but the quality flavouring used in that MV was not just best.. it was “THE BEST”. If you dont remember in which part Henry appears here it is..

And the same goes with Zhoumi though he doesn’t appear much on cameras he sure has shown signs of maturity and growth along with age. I remember Leeteuk saying SUPER JUNIOR – M members are also a part of SUPER JUNIOR. Then why don’t you let those two kids be a part of SJ they have worked so much hard so give them some camera space.

I am not happy with many things like SM Entertainment is obviously becoming lazy and taking Super Junior for granted.. I am still happy for SJM and their comeback with beautiful tracks and happy for Henry and Zhoumi are finally getting their cameras.. I am sure now its very difficult to move cameras away from them.. I really really wish to see them more in Albums and SJM as it continues giving more C-Pop.

Final Words that I would like to say and a message and a question to SM ENTERTAINMENT.

Are you bankrupt going to ruins?? What kind of entertainment agency will give their stars same costumes and makeups again and again to the point where the fans themselves can find and point out hey.. wait a minute… Didnt he already wear the same thing in that MV or interview or live show…  SM Entertaiment YOU MAKE MONEY OUT OF THEM. PLEASE BOTHER TO GIVE THE STARS BETTER OUTFITS. WHATS WITH YOU GIVING GROWN UPS OF 23-30 YEARS WEAR WEIRD COSTUMES. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR GOD DAMN LAZINESS ITS GETTING IN MY NERVES. AND PLEASE ADD HENRY AND ZHOUMI IN SUPER JUNIOR ITS NOT GOING TO HURT YOU!! 

Breakdown MV Rating: 4/5 (Dont know why I gave 4?? Encouraging more Henry-Zhoumi appearance.. If not for SJM and just SJ it wouldn’t have crossed 3)

Rating for the Album: 3.5/5

Thank You for taking your time reading my review.

[Note: This review is my own personal view and according to my point of view.]

Happy Reading 😀

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